Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sarah Palin's Political Masterstroke 2.0

The current Governor of Alaska, former Vice Presidential Candidate of the Republican party, has announced her resignation for later this month.

This is brilliant. No longer is the largest news item for the Republicans Mark Sanford of South Carolina's adultery, but Palin's resignation. Not only that, but it has been a lightning rod once again for energy and chatter on the Right. Where the malaise of Obama was setting in, a resignation for defeat, her exit, if not inspiring, has been though provoking.

Personally, I think she should run for Congress in 2010, then see what happens in 2012. I'm no Palin fan boy, and I really was strongly opposed to her when McCain selected her, and every time I hear her speak in public or the radio my ears revolt violently, but she is a soaring star in the republican party, and primed for a national run in the future.


Solameanie said...

Out of curiosity, what don't you like about Sarah Palin? I'm not sure how I feel at this point, but I'm interested to know what your reservations are.

KnightWing said...

You know stars don't actually soar, right?

Kites soar. Sarah Palin is a soaring kite.

Palm boy said...

Palin bugs me because she raised taxes while govenor. It also makes my ears hurt to hear her speak either on the radio or TV, and she seems to enjoy acting out of her element.

Gino said...

i like her, cause she's smokin hot!

my dream babe.
one who could feild dress a moose, bait a hook, shoot a rifle, talk football, and properly wear a dress... and a teddy.

and the next day, you can be rest assured your baby wont be sucked into the sink.

i'd vote for that every time.

Gino said...

palm boy: what taxes did she raise that turned you off on her? if its what i'm thinking, it wasnt really an increase in taxes as reported in the media.

Gino said...

knightwing: you need to write more on a variety of topics.
you'd have a great blog going if you did.