Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Visual Representation of the Democrat Medical System

Original Link to the Joint Economic Committe Republican Staff Report

Here's a game to play:
1. Find yourself on the Map.
2. Count the number of steps to the 'Health Insurance Exchange'
3. Count the number of steps to the 'Health Care Professionals'
4. Add together, do an identical number of jumping jacks. This will help you more then this plan.


Solameanie said...

"Reeee-lax, Max. Your nerves are just like jumping jacks, Max. Your heart is thumpin with a crazy sound . . . hear it pound. . . "

A little Dinah Washington for you as you do the jumping jacks for health care.

kingdavid said...

PB: I couldn't get an email off on your profile page. Click to get to my new site. Kingdavid

All-American Girl said...


i am dizzy just looking at that....

is there a simpler diagram? or can i buy a 'understanding P-BO's health care plan for dummies' book somewhere?

but, honestly, it's a pretty good diagram, where'd you find it?