Thursday, December 10, 2009


In response to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, KnightWing says:
"..."Those" people were Democrats."

Yes. They were.
John Fund writes in the Wall Street Journal:
"Historians also faulted Mr. Reid's curious reference to the Senate civil rights debates of the 1960s. After all, it was Southern Democrats who mounted an 83-day filibuster of the 1964 Civil Rights Bill.
The final vote to cut off debate saw 29 Senators in opposition, 80% of them Democrats. Among those voting to block the civil rights bill was West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd, who personally filibustered the bill for 14 hours.
The next year he also opposed the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Mr. Byrd still sits in the Senate, and indeed preceded Mr. Reid as his party's majority leader until he stepped down from that role in 1989."

Also chiming in, K-Rod writes:
"What does slavery have to do with health care / insurance?"

Absolutely nothing.
Really, nothing.
It is nothing more then this.


KnightWing said...

Curses! Outdone by John Fund yet again!! >_<

Solameanie said...

I think people need to have their eyes opened to this kind of propaganda and demagogic argumentation. Propaganda and demagoguery is precisely what it is, and it's a very old tactic of the left and socialists of every stripe. And conservatives need to stop letting them get by with it.

We ought to use some of their own tactics against them and begin putting them on the defensive. The chief difference is that we don't have to lie to do it.