Monday, December 21, 2009

Texas Represenatation

So I took a look at the Roll Call of Senate Vote 381, on the closure of the discussion of the Health Care destruction bill.

Looking first to my Senators, I look at John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison, both of Texas.
You know, that bastion of Conservatism.
That state that is republican when all else fails, one of the crown jewels of the Regan revolution.

You know, the state W himself rode in on the clouds from.

So how did these statesmen of conservatism represent my state in the dark night of legislation?

Cornyn did not vote. Of 100 individuals in the Senate, only 2% opted out of this vote, with my senator representing half of this.

Hutchison, she went one step farther. Rather then attempting to mount a filibuster, rather then trying to fight for one more day in the hallowed halls of legislation that the senate resides in for the liberty of my people, rather then standing for what is right, Hutchison votes to end discussion. She votes to pass the bill. She votes to bring this nation to its knees in the coming decades by taking a meat cleaver to the ankles of a once mighty economy.

Which is worse, to take the cowards way out and hide from having principles and voting with them, or to join headlong the horrific descent into corruption and malicious law proffered by the democrat party.


Grace said...

Kick KBH out of office! She is pure Republican-in-name-only. Don't let her become out governor after this stunt!

Palm boy said...

She's no conservative, thats for sure.

Solameanie said...

Revolting. Simply revolting. Couple that with Houston's new gay mayor, and it makes me wonder what has happened to Texas. I guess Arkansas is next (my second home). We're already here in the People's Republic of Illinois (Ill-annoyed).