Monday, August 30, 2010

Anchor Babies

In Shreds: "Now, on the subject of mojaditos, and a Supreme Court challenge: do we really want to go there?

Anybody who tells me they want to deny status to these children must first explain how the hell they can take a kid who spends his whole life living in Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago or Topeka ... and then say he is not a part of our national community?
And if he's discovered by I.C.E., what are they gonna do with him? Deport him to a country that he's never been in, or a part of?

This is America. We don't penalize kids for the misdeeds of their parents, and the 14th Amendment not only did some justice for Blacks, it also says, if indirectly, that one's social caste is not fixed at birth."

Frequent reader of this blog and my co-blogger on Grumpy Old Men, Gino, chimes in with a typically scintillating and fiery piece. Directed at the 'Anchor babies' debate, its worth reading to think about, and then to laugh. Then comment, because happy blogs need comments. 


Solameanie said...

I tend to disagree with those who are vehement against dropping the 14th Amendment. I can understand the point about children who "grew up here," but you have to remove the incentive for people coming here to have babies to begin with. Lastly (and this will sound very hardhearted of me), but there are consequences to our actions. Sometimes the actions of adults have consequences on children. Scripture makes that pretty clear.

Palm boy said...

I think in this case, its such a small problem in context of the entire picture that it is really much political ado about nothing.

I'll leave those consequences to God, no reason to punish people for where there mom gave birth to them.