Monday, August 23, 2010

This is Only the Beginning

Army Times: "Compared with the 49,000 soldiers in Iraq, there are close to 67,000 in Afghanistan and another 9,700 in Kuwait, according to the latest Army chart on global commitments dated Aug. 17. Under an agreement with the Iraqi government, all U.S. troops must be out of Iraq by Dec. 31, 2011.

There are seven Advise and Assist Brigades in Iraq, as well as two additional National Guard infantry brigades “for security,” said Army spokesman Lt. Col. Craig Ratcliff.

Last year, the Army decided that rather than devote permanent force structure to the growing security force assistance mission, it would modify and augment existing brigades.

The Army has three different standard brigade combat teams: infantry, Stryker and heavy. To build an Advise and Assist Brigade, the Army selects one of these three and puts it through special training before deploying."

We've left Iraq?
Not even remotely. Don't let this newspeakin' Ministry of Truth tell you otherwise. 
This news, correlated with the fact that we can only account for 7% of reconstruction funds provided for Iraq, are worth remembering. 


K-Rod said...

Obama promised all troops would be out of Iraq within 16 months in office.

The media seems to forget Obama promises, how convienient.

Palm boy said...

You just reminded me of a clip from his Election campaign.