Sunday, August 01, 2010


Yes, my shirt is all wet. Freeing a van stuck in mud will do that.
Well, I'm back from the nation of castanets, which is good. 

This being my 11th trip to the same location, I figured I was invincible to the onslaught of pestilence in the area. 

Boy was I wrong. Thursday night/Friday morning saw me in the ER in McAllen, hooked up to antibiotics and saline solution to rehydrate me and knock the bug out of my system. I'm doing better now, but I think next time I'l skip out on eating the cream filled pastry from the bakery next door to the church in the 'Colonia'.

Besides that, the trip was a raging success, and our first endeavor at a medical clinic was rewarded, and we'll be sure to do it again in the future. 


Gino said...

they say 'dont drink the water'.

Palm boy said...

Thanks buddy