Friday, January 28, 2011

Review: The Expendables

The Expendables portrays itself as the penultimate action movie, bringing the best of the action movie stars into one taco of cinematic glory. With the initial trailer snagging my interest, and the summer coming to a close, (Not to mention what is the-absolute-no-doubt-about-unparralled-best fan trailer ever catching eyeballs...NSFW, and yes, Eat Pray Love Lost), I was excited to see this film.

All the hype... Stallone directing... Statham co-starring... can this work?
Yes. Yes it can.

Quite spectacularly actually, this movie was a blast to watch both times I've seen it now. Fights, gunfire, explosions, with only echoes of a story to get in the way. The CIA being the nefarious evil, as an internal turf war costs a tropical island its freedoms leads way to the mercenary band blowing all kinds of stuff up, with a girl being rescued from CIA interrogation, one being defended by the best pickup basketball scene I can think of, and even a thoughtful monologue from a tattoo artist.

Within this genre, the acting is good. The effects feel right, and the fights are fun, if filmed much closer then I like. Really pops on a blue ray, for the record. 

I'm sure I will watch this film at least a time or two more. Reccomend for men and boys 14+, women probably won't enjoy it. 
The reaction from my mom and girl friend on this movie = :|  6/10. 

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