Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fowl Propaganda

"Taxes will keep Democracy on the March!" h/t

My favorite comment on this:
"Please tell me this was done as satire of war propaganda."

Please note, once again, the misuse of the word 'Democracy' when referring to The United States of America (and to the Republic...)

Also, please note that the indication is that only money is lost, not lives, in the pursuit of foreign wars. Disgustingly false.

I can only assume this is propaganda directed at the children of the citizens of this nation, who for the first time in history were to be liable for Income Tax, under the auspices of 'The Victory Tax of 1942' While minor by today's standards, this 5% of gross income was, and still is, little more then nationalized slavery. "Prior to World War II, no one outside the government paid income tax; the people were, and understood themselves to be, immune from that tax. During WWII, Congress passed the Victory Tax (56 Stat. 884) to impose an income tax on every individual in The United States of America, something which had not been done by any previous income tax act. Excepted from that tax were those already paying income taxes per I.R.C. 211(a) - nonresident alien individuals with no United States business or office but living in a "contiguous country" and having income from United States sources."

The legacy of evil caused by wars is seared not only into the lands and homes and people on the front lines of conflicts. Enduring evil lingers on the beaches of foreign lands, within the families destroyed, but also in the malignant tyranny that becomes accepted and commonplace in a free Republic that allows a state of war to give it meaning and purpose.

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