Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kinder Eggs Worse than Coke

These guys were supposed to be Mario and Luigi
Kinder eggs. Next to mystery tacos, bacon burgers, and sugar blasted Coca-Cola, the favorite treat of many a short term missionary from my church. 

These are tasty semi-chocolate, semi-cream hollowed out eggs. Milk chocolate shell on the outside, white chocolate shell underneath, and hollow on the inside with a little toy that is never, ever the same as the toy shown on the box. See picture for example of my brother's result.

Clearly, what we have hear is a threat to national security. 

CBC: "Lind Bird was recently stopped at the U.S. border and selected for a random search of her vehicle. She was warned she could have faced a fine after the customs official found — and seized — her $2 Kinder Surprise egg as illegal contraband.
Bird learned U.S. authorities have banned the candy because they come with a plastic toy inside that could, if eaten, choke a small child.
"It's just a chocolate egg," Bird said. "And they were making a big deal. They said 'if you were caught with this across the border you would get charged a $300 fine,'" she said."

If this continues, there is likely to be a thriving black market in these eggs in the coming years. What with the growing Hispanic population yearning for a taste of home, the burgeoning income levels, and increasing government crack down on this threat, there is likely to be a significant nest egg opportunity for enterprising confectionery smugglers in the future. 



Gino said...

think of the smugglers, braving the desert, with backpacks loaded with kinder eggs.

Sra. Madera said...

Aren't you glad your mom doesn't grow weary of your little toys sitting on my dining room shelf? So you were able to take this picture 3 years after you found these guys in your eggs. Careful DO NOT EAT THE TOY!!

Palm boy said...

Iced down backpack coolers, these buggers are melty beyond belief.

Agree, what a great mom.