Monday, February 21, 2011

Review: The Fighter

The Fighter (Trailer)is a movie strongly rooted in pain. Not the pain of romantic flicks, not the angst of teenage drama, not the pain of terrible film making, but real pain that bruises the heart. 

Friends hurting. People hurting. Families hurting. 
Not just hurting, but actively inflicting more pain upon nerves worn raw by constant use. This is The Fighter. 

Loosely based on a true story, the focus is placed squarely on two boxers in a Boston suburb. Christian Bale plays the older, almost has been who is filming a documentary with HBO on his comeback. Mark Wahlberg plays the younger brother, struggling to be free from his brother's shadow. And his family. And his fights. 

Stellar film work, delightfully eclectic sound work, and powerful acting from the main characters. Bale is brilliant in his character, Amy Adam's plays her complex role exquisitely.  Wahlberg makes his character work, and is very believable as a prizefighter trying to avoid missing his prime. 

The R rating is earned in this case, as the rampant abuse of the English language in ceaseless. Drug usage plays a predominant role in the story and screenplay, but the usage is deplored without exception. If your ever interested in trying to show a lady why she should drop chugging beers and burning through cigarettes, the female ensemble of this cast is a marvelous deterrent. 

While this movie does end well, it is not in the form of Rocky. Its unique and earns its place as a just ending for this story.
The Fighter should also serve as a reminder for my fellow Chrisitians that this world needs love, and what lives devoid of love for one another do to one another.

Excellent movie, easily a 7 of 10.  I will likely watch more then one more time. 
...Now that I just finished this, I want to see it again.

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