Wednesday, February 16, 2011

TSA Gangsters, Like All Gangsters, Incompetent

Some news stories write themselves. NY Post:
"Two TSA agents were busted today at Kennedy Airport for stealing $160,000 in cash from bags, authorities said.
Davon Webb, 30, and Couman Perad, who turned 36 today, were arrested after admitting they had regularly stolen from checked bags, sources said.
Perad and Webb would screen bags looking for loot, then swipe the cash once the luggage was opened in a private screening room, sources said.

...Also today, the TSA confirmed that a string of security lapses took place at Newark Airport within the past month, the Newark Star-Ledger reported.
A knife inside a carry-on made it past a checkpoint and two passengers were allowed to board flights despite issues with their full-body scans, TSA officials told the newspaper.
The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the two incidents were among a string of five security lapses at Newark within the last 30 days."

Molesting people embarking on legitimate business? Check.
Stealing from the molested? Check.
Performing security theater for nigh a decade? Check.

Keeping the tubes of flight safe? No.

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