Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Review: The Eagle

I entered this movie with trepidation, expecting it to be a miserable effort rife with hackneyed scripting, a clearly definable story, and terrific action. 

The plot is simple. Roman legions have their eagle. Dad and his legion loose their eagle in north Briton. Son takes his slave to take it back. They have to switch roles. They get back. Along the way, they become friends and have chicken mcnuggets upon arriving home. 

Sadly, what this movie fulfilled my dire expectations. It is an out of tune piano concert. It just feels wrong. 

Stereotypical Romans, stereotypical 'barbarians', stereotypical action sequences, shoddy and spandex-tight camera work, atrocious character motivation, poorly conceived plot lines and a scalding amount of dark earth tones. All are included in vapid abundance. 

Redeeming features, as they exist, is the lack of any important female characters to further destroy a semblance of realistic plot and a somewhat eclectic soundtrack. 

Perhaps it doesn't feel wrong, but it does feel different. Once the credits began to roll, the reason became steadily more apparent, as well over half of this film crew is Hungarian. Film a  movie about Romans in Briton with Hungarians in Hungary. Marvelous. 

Never seeing this again, 3/10. 


Gino said...

darn, i was going to see it and now you went and ruined the surprise.

Palm boy said...

Naw, I didn't ruin anything.
Take that $8 and go watch the fighter. It's stupendous. Review forthcoming.