Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Not Out in Search of Hoops to Cut Down

""We're sympathetic to these parents and what they want to do for the young people, but we've got to operate by the statute," said Geoff Sundstrom, spokesman for DelDOT. "We're not out in search of basketball hoops to cut down.""

Two instances of unabashed Orwellian Newspeak, saying one thing while completely doing another. On site, the promise that the basketball pole would be left as it was being hauled away. Then the hypocrisy of promising that the DelDOT is not on the hunt for those rascally basketball poles in peoples yards, while they clearly are. 

This is how rocks begin to roll down hills:
"Tom Blythe, 86, said he was among several people on the street who complained to the state about the basketball hoops. The children don't watch for traffic, he said, and the number of kids coming from outside the neighborhood to play on the hoops has gotten out of hand."You see kids from all over the place down here," Blythe said. "They're down here making all kinds of noise and disturbing the peace.""

Understand, this is how property rights are lost. The power of a few amplified by the strength of the state leads to tyranny, abuse of the governed and a malignant stench of injustice predicated upon a foundation of the 'general welfare'. Property rights are fundamental to a republican form of government, critical to prosperity and the stabilizers of a turbulent world.
The law under which this charade of justice was performed is intended to keep the sides of roadways clear, so in the event of loss of control a vehicle would be less likely to find itself impaled upon steel pillars. The reality is quite different, as the petty complaints of foolish neighbors alone led to this event, which fortunately enough is on tape.
We will never know how many of these alienations of morality happen daily, of which we have no record because of the lack of video or photographic evidence.

To wit, laws are abused to the detriment of the governed. Fewer laws regulating that which does no harm is the solution. To wit, unless the government is willing to kill someone to enforce a law, it should not be a law.

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