Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fixing the Nacelles

Hopefully the load times on this page are better, I've eliminated some scripting and the Google Ads to try and speed things up. 
Not like those ads pay any money as it is, or at least not with intelligent clientele such as yourself that has no interest in clicking such decoy links. 

Also, be sure and check out the new Sidebar view for this outpost. 

Ahead Warp Three, Mr. Scotty.


KnightWing said...

I think you meant Sulu.


Palm boy said...

I stand corrected.

Solameanie said...

I am glad someone else knows what "nacelles" are.

I just realized it's been eons since I've popped in here to see whazzup, and I can see I have lots of catch-up reading to do. I'm so ashamed.

Palm boy said...

Joel, you're a busy man who is doing just enough to run his own blog, don't get to worried about this one :D