Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Time to Read

Last night I watched Slumdog Millionare for the first time. 100% recommended for the over 13 crowd. There is a scene where all the women are washing the clothes, by hand, in back breaking and clothes destroying fashion. Soaking, beating, wringing, beating, and drying each and every particle of clothing in water without any chemical detergents or heated water has to be exhausting and enormously time consuming.

There are not any alternatives, and it reminded me of this presentation by Hans Rosling (of the www.gapminder.org fame)

Keynote: "Thank you industrialization. Thank you steel mill. Thank you power station. And thank you chemical processing industry that gave us time to read books."

From all of this the best is yet to come. As the time saving energies of machines are applied to an increasing number of households, an increasing number of children will be better educated. Their drive to succeed will be fueled with ability. This world's pace of development will only accelerate as a result, making a better world for us all.

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