Monday, April 18, 2011

Michigan: Medicate Your Child or She's Gone Forever

For the heated, tendentious article that is how you will feel:

For the MSM account:
Detroit News

To summarize:

  • Child had an amputation, mother home schooled her.
  • Child wants to go to public school after a few years.
  • State decides she is now required to take her meds.
  • Mom says no, takes her off Resiperdal
  • State brings in SWAT Team, breaks in the house after 10 hours
  • Mom goes to jail, faces multiple Felony charges and $500,000 Bail
  • State decides Girl does not need Resiperdal.
  • Mom, Daughter both in separate prisons run by the state for being family. 
The root of this lies in the ability of the CPS to acquire a warrant for the kidnapping of the girl, piled on by the presence of a para-military policy unit to escalate the situation. That they are both still locked up is an abject blight upon the face of any pretense of freedom in the state of Michigan. 

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