Wednesday, April 13, 2011

TSA Policy: Molest Children Leaving Airports

ABC News: "The girl's father said that while his daughter was polite and respectful during the screening, she broke down into tears afterwards.

"Initially she was just confused," Todd Drexel said. "She really didn't understand what she had done wrong." He said he and his wife struggled with how to explain to their child what had happened after teaching her previously it was not ok to be touched in certain places. "Now she's been pat down in a public setting, in an airport."
The family was leaving New Orleans Armstrong International Airport when the incident happened on April 5. The Drexels have two other children, a 9-year-old and a 2-year-old."
Blogger Bob (intentionally reminiscent of Baghdad Bob?) of our Transportation Security Administration chips in with a gem:
"A video taken of one of our officers patting down a six year-old has attracted quite a bit of attention. Some folks are asking if the proper procedures were followed. Yes. TSA has reviewed the incident and the security officer in the video followed the current standard operating procedures."

At what point did it become necessary to do the following:
1. Sponsor child molestation
2. Require the Parents to watch.
3. Molest children leaving airports
4. Engage in random screenings without probably cause? Hello, 4th amendment?

In no way is this an isolated incident, as the TSA has done the same to disembarking train passengers (Bonus, Minors included!), stolen from those who are 'protected', indexed naked pictures of airline passengers, ripped off the taxpayer, and pilfered receipts" 

This particular Rubicon was passed in the wake of 9/11. In the media fueled, GOP encouraged rush to trade the liberties of the individual in for the sake of the security of society, the ground work for this nightmare was crafted. The Department of Homeland Security, created under George W. Bush under the steadying hand of a militia of neocon advisers created yet another federal monster. 
When did we start calling it homeland? When did the Department of Defense become insufficient for military threats, and the National Security Agency become insufficient for domestic intelligence, and the FBI become insufficient for enforcing laws that clearly forbade terrorism? When did it become acceptable to require Americans to remove their shoes for the sole purpose of proving innocence for a crime that has not been committed? 
Its a burgeoning state of fear that is being sold to us, a state based neither on rational reason nor emergency. This state we are growing into seeks to propagate its own power for the sake of greater power, for the profit of those involved on the inside track. In regards to the TSA, see Michael Chertoff and Rapiscan.

Sadly, there is no change en route from the champions of so called social justice. National Democrats are a party devoid of ideas without interest in giving up the power of government in any form. In that manner, they sail under the same flag as the National Republicans.  May God help us, for we seem unable to help ourselves. 

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Anonymous said...

The Nazi parent organization of the Gestapo was called the:


Translated, that means the Homeland Security Department.

Wonder what bright-boy U.S. Government slug won a $10k Special Act Award for naming the new U.S. Gestapo organization the Homeland Security Dept.?