Tuesday, April 05, 2011

March Sadness Comes to a Close

The McCafferty Family has been granted permission by the Overlords of Delaware (of the I don't Want to arrest your wifeWe're not out in search of hoops to cut down fame) to pick up the basketball goal that was rightfully stolen and return it home. Well, almost.

Delaware Online: ""I'm glad it's back," Nuttall said. "Hopefully, they'll change the law, and I can put it back in."
Short said state law won't allow the residents to put the poles back where they were. They must be set back from the road to avoid a traffic hazard, which McCafferty said he'll do.
"The law says 7 feet 6 inches, so I'll put it at 7 feet 7 inches," McCafferty said, vowing to create a concrete pad between the curb and the hoop.
"If I have to break up my sidewalk, I'll do that," he said."

The actions of the McCafferty family are admirable and something we all need to imitate. That which governs over them does a disservice to its citizens. 

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