Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bin Laden Assassination Shenanigans Continue

The Chinook helicopter that was shot down over the weekend in Afghanistan? It should come as no surprise that it is only a small part of what is likely a much larger cover-up. 

Questions have arisen since the inception of this story of the American Execution. The neighbors and family in the house questioning government accounts. Rapidly dumping the body at sea before testing or confirmation of individual identity, only to be told later by the intelligence agencies that it was confirmed. (We can trust that because we know they would never lie to people.

Here is a new twist on the story, but for context there needs to be an understanding of the past. 
2005, a Seal team of 4 is sent into the pashtun area of Afghanistan, huntin down Taliban leader Ahmed Shad. They are sent without air support, proper intelligence, and no provision for back up. When they are discovered by a goat herder who sounds the alarm, they are subsequently attacked by the local Taliban forces. Three are killed within the hour. Marcus Luttrell is the lone survivor (Excellent book written by Marcus), and is befriended by local tribesmen until he returns to health. Marcus is able to return to his navy brethren and his praying family. This is a mildly well known story, although it deserves to be known more for the sheer determination and dedication of these men. 
What is seldom discussed in it is the response of the local special forces, who upon hearing the distress calls loaded up on a chopper and flew out to their aid. As they arrived on the scene and began to unload, the chopper and all 16 passengers were all destroyed by a Rocket Propelled Grenade, aka RPG. (I am not a military person, and as such, this retelling is inherently deficient in the terminology. Bear with this blogger.) At the time, it was the single most destructive day for the Navy SEALs on record, and it rocked the military community. 

Lessons were learned, we were told. That would not happen again, we have been told.

Fast forward til 2011, where an even worse event came to pass. This is the single largest wartime loss of SEALs in operational history.
Over the weekend, a Chinook helicopter was shot down with 22 SEALs & 7 Afgan commandos on board, while flying out to answer the distress call of an Army Ranger team in the field. Once again, the aid helicopter was shot down by a simple RPG, with a single shot leaving over 32 casualties. 

Tragic in it's own right, but down right damning when an additional fact is considered. You won't read this else where, it is buried at the end of stories discussing the event. Reuters:
"But several officials have said there is a reluctance to release the names because many were SEALs, and they worry their families will be targeted. Most of the SEALs were from the same team that killed Osama bin Laden in May, although none of those killed participated in that raid, senior defense officials said."

Even military personnel are questioning the sequence of events. Why was it a Vietnam era helicopter being flown? Why was their only one craft? Why was there more then 5 fully functional SEAL teams aboard a single craft? Why was it flown by regular army troops, and not army aviators? 

Who issued the orders for the mission?
Is the death of the remainders of SEAL Team 6 in this manner merely another tragedy of the longest war?
The team most intimately involved with the assassination of Osama Bin Laden, killed in a manner which is already a known to be deadly to Special Forces, only a coincidence?

Where there is smoke, there is fire, and the smoke is billowing from this operation.
I do not know the details of what is happening here, only that we need to remember that all is not as it would seem on the nightly news. 

My honest suspicion is that these deaths are part of a cover-up, and that some of this nations finest have been sacrificed in the name of image keeping. 

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