Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Comfortable With My Call

My prediction that Clinton, not Obama, will be taking the Democrat Presidential nomination and Palin/Perry will be the Republican ticket continue to look correct:

MJ Perry's Carpe Diem:

Politico is reporting Perry will make his intentions clear saturday, and we all know that making announcements like that means he will be running. Otherwise, make the silly statement in texas.

Clinton is also gaining steam as the Daily Beast reports on her groundswell of support. (h/t Vox Populi)

Palin? She's taking her bus on a road trip again...
To Iowa?
Where the Ames straw poll is?

But forget about all that. If you love liberty, you will be interested only in a Ron Paul victory. Forget the pundits and read the man himself, you will have no choice but to accept him as your only rational choice. 

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