Monday, August 22, 2011

If You Outlaw Lemonade, Then Only Outlaws Will Have Lemonade

Lemonade Freedom: "Meg Mclain, Kathryn Dill and Will Duffield were arrested yesterday for selling LEMONADE in Washington, DC"


Gino said...

dude, they were in the wrong. the rules are 'no vending'. if they were selling on their own property, they would have a liberty argument, but in this case they do not.

part of political activism, standing up to Man, is that you first need to have a cogent argument.
epic fail.

Palm boy said...

More disturbing is how comfortable we have all become with police officers physically restraining video recording of their actions.

Gino said...

the only way that video could have been blocked or pushed away is if the videographer was too close, and he was.

he was in their professional space, within arms reach. even after several warnings to 'get the camera out of my face'.

at that proximity, that camera interference becomes an assault upon the officers trying to do the job their supposed to do.

not to mention... approaching an officer that closely, while in the midst of a confrontation, SHOULD get you an ass whipping. the cops showed restraint.

sorry, bro... they were wrong the whole way, and the cops were right.