Monday, December 05, 2005

Imagine Football Being Covered Like Iraq

Carolina Journal | Imagine MNF Being Covered Like Iraq: "INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Colts, seeking to silence critics who say they are overrated, fell short of that mark on Monday night by outscoring the Pittsburgh Steelers by a mere 3-point margin in the first quarter.

Despite the unspectacular first-quarter margin, Colts head coach Tony Dungy insisted that his team was winning the battle. “Hey, we’re up three,” said Dungy. “In my book that’s a lead.” But critics pointed out that the Colts gained their lead only as a result of a desperation 80-yard pass by quarterback Peyton Manning to Marvin Harrison on their first play of the game...."

If your a football fan who is slightly interested in the World, this is hilarious. If you don't fit that, then carry on with your boring life. :D

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