Sunday, December 18, 2005

Lessons of 25 years Michael Barone: Lessons of 25 years (12/26/05): "Twenty-five years ago, in December 1980, Jimmy Carter was serving his last full month in office and Ronald Reagan was president-elect. More than 50 Americans were being held hostage in Iran--an act of war by the revolutionary mullahs. The Soviet Union was on the march in Afghanistan. The American economy was finishing a decade of high inflation and sluggish growth at best--stagflation. The past three presidents had been repudiated: Richard Nixon in 1974, Gerald Ford in 1976, and Jimmy Carter 1980.

Experts preached that America's best days were behind it, counseled that we seek accommodation with the Soviet Union, and urged nations of the avaricious North to share their wealth with nations of the deserving South. Low-inflation economic growth was no longer possible."

Doom and gloom predictions, sounds famliar? (Essespially from the Left).

"What are the lessons of the past 25 years?

First, that American military power can advance freedom and democracy to all corners of the world.
Second, that markets work and that lower taxes and less onerous government produce more economic growth than the alternative.
Third, that politics and effective government can..change the culture."

1. Ours is a world governened by the aggressive use of force, and the American military is the most powerful army in the world.
2. Freedom creates prosperity.
3. The government can effect the culture in a negative way much easier then positivly, but the posibility for a positive change still exists. Mostly by stepping out of the way, and also in the eductation system.

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