Saturday, December 31, 2005

Best of 2005

War on Terror
Afganistan is well free of the Taliban, and the warlords that tore the country apart for years are now groveling at the feet of the new democratic government. In Iraq, truly free elections have taken place for the first time is centuries (Purple fingers anyone?). The terrorists (who are commonally known as insurgents in the anti-american circles) have been routed in Fallugah, and a new constitution has been approved. In other areas, surgical strikes have taken out leaders, and arms caches.

US Economy
A record setting year for the capitalistic economy of the United States. Record housing sales, record construction, new Gross Domestic Product hights, and Wall Street has been steadly on the rise. The irrepressable american spirt is on the move once again.

Space Shuttle flys again
The Space Shuttle Discovery again place american's beyond the earth, and replenishing the ISS.

US citizens response to Hurricanes
More money was given to the hurricane victems then any other time in american history. The outpouring of america was astouding, and despite the tales of woe given by the partisan press, the survivors surely felt the love of america.

Howard Dean made DNC chairman
This is sooo awsome. Now that the real controlers of the party are visible, we will see a major downslide of the democrate party. By saying things like "The republicans are a White Christian Party" and other insultory remarks, Dean is doing nothing ot further his party's agenda. And as Jimmy Johnson says "If your not improving, your unimproving".

Cindy Sheehan
The same story as Dean. When Sheehan calls the President of the United States a "Bastard", then it does nothing to help them in the minds of the americans, and in all likelyhood, is extreamly damaging politically.

John Roberts
An astute choice for the Chief justice of the Supream court, John Roberts is a conservative with one of the greatest legal minds of our time. Bush made the right choice with him, and by replacing Miers with Alito.


Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Yes, some good things.

Palm boy said...

On the whole, I think the years good our wieghed the bad, and it was a good year for the world as a whole.

Anonymous said...

Great thoughts on Howard Dean and Sheehan! You hit the nail on the head!