Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bush a 'Renegade'

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Gore: Bush is 'renegade rightwing extremist': "Al Gore has made his sharpest attack yet on the George Bush presidency, describing the current US administration as 'a renegade band of rightwing extremists'.

In an interview with the Guardian today, the former vice-president calls himself a 'recovering politician', but launches into the political fray more explicitly than he has previously done during his high-profile campaigning on the threat of global warming.

Denying that his politics have shifted to the left since he lost the court battle for the 2000 election, Mr Gore says: 'If you have a renegade band of rightwing extremists who get hold of power, the whole thing goes to the right.'"

Yeah. If only that were true. The Education bill, the farm bill, the FEMA spending, the medicare bill, and the highway bill are not the products of a radical right wing, but of a liberal domestic view. Aside from cutting taxes and the war on Terror, there is very little this administration has done to further the right wing agenda.


Carey said...

Two words: OH BROTHER. Recovering politican... give me a break. More like "sulking politician."

Palm boy said...

Politically, he's got no where to go but up. So I suppose he is recovering...
Not fast, and not enough for a run in '08 though.

Sulking is a good description.