Monday, May 15, 2006

Iran with Nuke!

Hey, check this out.
According to a report, Iran now has a weapons grade nuke, as of April 28, 2006.
Pretty interesting.

Yeah. Sensationalist, sorry. :D


thepatriot15 said...

You know, someone from Iran read my blog. Scary.

Hey, feel like arguing? Anon is back! Oh boy!


Palm boy said...

Really? I had the kuwaiti ministry of defense for a few weeks, but they left. Don't know what they wanted.

Ok, I'm ready to debate. Heading over there now.

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

So his name is Anon...

Good thing they haven't got a delivery vechile capable of hitting us.
Just hope North Korea doesn't share theirs.

Palm boy said...

Anon is short for Anonnymous. :D

Yeah, but they could hit Isreal pretty dang easy. And I don't think they think it's a bad idea. In fact, they want to wipe isreal off the earth.

Carey said...

That scares me for the Israeli people.

Umm... Robert, was there supposed to be some picture or something? All I see is a little writing -- big blank -- and some more writing.

Palm boy said...

Oook, David said the same thing. Any of ya'll click on the link, or did you just blindly trust me?
The link goes to a post of mine from april 12th, where a US ambasasdor says that Iran will have a nuke in 16 days. I don't think that's happened.