Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Still rolling: US economy

My Way News - Dow Closes Up 55, Nasdaq Finishes Down 7: "the Dow is poised to break its record and could push higher. Ken Tower, chief market strategist for Schwab's CyberTrader, said investors appeared increasingly optimistic about the market, especially after stocks held onto their sharp gains from the end of last week.

'People became much more bullish on Friday morning, and the fact they didn't sober up over the weekend is a very positive sign for the market,' Tower said. '
The Dow rose 55.23, or 0.48 percent, to 11,639.77. The index of 30 blue-chip stocks is 83 points from its all-time closing high of 11,722.98, reached Jan. 14, 2000."

Yesterday, the Dow was 140 points from setting a new record. Ya know what is really incredible about this? Due to the tax cuts, we have a record setting economy, despite 9/11, the Hurricanes, high gas prices and a war, we still have a rocking economy.

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