Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Iran Rattles Sabers, Rd. V

Iran will hit Israel if US does "evil": agency | Reuters.com: "Iran will target Israel first if the United States does anything 'evil', a senior commander in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards said on Tuesday.

The United States says it wants Iran's nuclear standoff with the West solved diplomatically but has refused to rule out military action.

'We have announced that wherever America does something evil, the first place that we target will be Israel,' Revolutionary Guards Rear Admiral Mohammad-Ebrahim Dehqani was quoted as saying by Iran's student news agency ISNA.

The Islamic Republic has never recognized Israel and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called for the Jewish state to be 'wiped off the map.'

Dehqani said naval wargames held in the Gulf last month 'carried the warning to those countries that threaten Iran, including America and the Zionist regime'.

Experts said the wargames, in which Iran said it had tested new missiles and torpedoes, were a thinly veiled threat that it could disrupt vital Gulf oil shipping lanes if it was attacked."

Yup. And we are going to wait around and trust that they won't misuse the nukes? Bad idea.
If they start a war with Isreal, Iran is not going to know what hit them the next day.

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