Friday, June 02, 2006

Economy: 4.6% unemployment, lowest in 5 years

CBS/AP Story: "the nation's unemployment rate dipped to 4.6 percent, the lowest in nearly 5 years. "

Thats incredible. Most devestating hurricanes in history last year, oil prices skyrocketing, and a persistent barrage of negative news, and the economy still plows ahead.

I'd like to take a look at that last problem, persistent negativity.
If you look at the above quote, the article appears good. When you open the link, you find a morass of gloom, conjured out of some of the best news in the nation.
"Cautious employers added just 75,000 new jobs in May, the fewest in seven months,"

"Retail took the biggest hit, losing more than 27,000 jobs. One reason: customers are spending less because they're paying more for gas"

"The other hammer to the economy came from the once-booming construction sector. It came to a standstill in May, adding only 1,000 jobs"

"Those factors, along with sagging consumer confidence, are making companies extra careful not to bulk up their payrolls"

And THEN, the real news:
"Taking a bit of the sting out of the sluggish job creation was the fact that the nation's unemployment rate dipped to 4.6 percent, the lowest in nearly 5 years."

Along with that, we have this bit o' news:
"Manufacturers, retailers, home builders, trucking firms, hotels and motels were among those shedding jobs last month. Financial firms, health care providers, educational services, accountants and bookkeepers, architects and engineers, and computer designers all boosted employment."

One of the most persistant sayings of a doom an gloom liberal: 'The jobs are there, but they aren't good jobs!'. Well, what we have here is the low wage jobs loosing steam, but the high wage, white collar jobs taking up the slack and then carrying the torch. More good news!

How so much despair can be pulled out of record setting unemployment, I can't fathom. I can shake my head, and remember that CBS is the same folks who used forged documents during the elections, and the AP is the clowns who run the stories everytime a soldier is wounded. Both have a vendeda against Bush, and it shows very strongly.


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