Saturday, August 04, 2007

7 Arrested in Reporter's Murder

Story: "A day after a prominent newspaper editor was shot to death downtown, the police here on Friday arrested seven men and seized several weapons that they suspected were used in his killing and those of two other men.

Oakland police officials said they suspected that the men were part of a group operating “a very violent criminal enterprise” out of a neighborhood bakery.

The arrests came after a predawn raid by SWAT teams at the bakery, the Your Black Muslim Bakery, and three bakery-owned properties, where the police found several firearms, including the gun they believe was used to kill the editor, Chauncey Bailey, of the weekly Oakland Post.
One of seven men arrested on Friday was Yusef Bey IV, the son of the bakery’s founder, Yusef Bey, a well-known local black Muslim leader who died in 2003.
The police said the raid came after a lengthy investigation of other crimes, including two kidnappings on a single day in May, and two killings in July that occurred in the same north Oakland neighborhood where the bakery is located. The police had connected those crimes and put the bakery under surveillance before Mr. Bailey was killed.

“During our investigation, Chauncey Bailey was murdered, and it turns out that the evidence in that case also linked the same individuals we were looking at in the other two prior murders to that case,” said Lt. Ersie Joyner of the Oakland Police Department....

The bakery’s operators had been investigated by the police in the past. In 2002, the founder, Mr. Bey, was charged with rape, sodomy and lewd acts with a child under 14, stemming from accusations that he had fathered a child with a 13-year-old girl in 1982. Mr. Bey died of cancer in 2003 before his trial began.

In late 2005, several members of the group that operates the bakery, including the younger Mr. Bey, were charged in an attack at a small neighborhood grocery store, in which liquor bottles were smashed and other merchandise was destroyed. The attack was treated as a felony hate crime, the police said, because the store, which is owned by Muslims, had sold goods forbidden by Islamic law.
Lieutenant Joyner said that many residents of the neighborhood surrounding the bakery had been afraid of the Muslim group, whose members sometimes shot automatic rifles in the air in a show of intimidation. Other members of the group, the police said, flaunted their defiance of outstanding warrants on assault and gun charges.
By midafternoon, the bakery had been boarded up and closed by the city’s health department.

Sorry, that is an avalanche of information. Let me try and boil it down, in the event you didn't read it.
1. A newspaper editor, Mr. Bailey, was murdered by shotgun in broad daylight in downtown Oakland yesterday. These are the men responsible, or better put, suspected.
2. The SWAT teams took 7 of the 9 suspects down at their staging house/bakery, Your Black Muslim Bakery.
3. Yusef Bey IV is the only confirmed arrested suspect, and the likely ringleader.
4. Yusef and his band are considered responsible for two kidnappings and two murders in their neighborhood in the last year.
5. Yusef is the son of a 'local black Muslim leader', who was investigated in 2002 for lewd acts with a minor, rape and sodomy. He was also suspected to have fathered a child with a 14 year-old girl.
6. The band is also charged with attacking a rival grocery store for selling non-islam approved items.
7. Repeated reports of intimidation by fire-arms, and a refusal to follow fire arm policy.

Radical Muslim terrorists, or just another violent street gang, or possiblly something else?
And if guns are outlawed, then only outlaws will have guns.
I gotta run, I may edit this later. Something seems squirrly to me here.


SolaMeanie said...

You'd think people would begin putting two and two together after a while.

But oh, no! Hush my honeysuckle mouth. That's profiling. Can't do that.

(Joel rolls eyes and snorts)

Seriously, I am sure this particular "bakery" isn't the only one of its kind. There are many other radical Islamic front organizations out there, and if the feds (not to mention locals) were smart, they'd start watching these places like hawks.

Palm boy said...

Profiling, indeed.

Mercy Now said...

You guys are soooo bias, Islam is a peaceful religion, NOT. Here are examples of extremists but it's not really extreme because have you heard about any other moderate Muslim org standing up and condemn such killings? In fact, how often have you heard of Muslim groups denouncing acts of violence by the extremists?

They are peaceful when they are in the minority but will not be so when they become the majority.

Gino said...

black muslims are to other muslims like jehovah witness are to christians.

the muslims do not recognize them as muslim.

to speak out against them, would give them legitimacy.