Sunday, August 26, 2007

Kansas City, home again

Ok, so I'm back for real now. School starts tomorrow, and that will most definitely affect my posting rate. But, I'll try to regain a steady pace.
And pictures aren't working for posting right now, but a fast recap.
Stayed in KC for three nights, visited 'Worlds of Fun' and nauseated myself with the rides, then visited Arrowhead Stadium for a Preseason NFL game with the Chiefs and the Saints.
The next day (Friday), we visited the Harley-Davidson Plant, and I whacked a former Marine's truck with our vehicle, and we then went to a Royals baseball game.
And then fireworks. Golly, Fireworks.

The next morning, we started driving home. And now we're back home after a nice dinner in Oklahoma City.


Daweed said...

Arrowhead stadium is LOUD

SolaMeanie said...

One of the reasons I wish I lived in the South. Fireworks are legal. Here in "Ill-annoyed" is another question. Everything is illegal here.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean, solameanie. I used to live in Illannoy back in the good old 70's when you could still find places to toboggan in the winter (and skate, and flood places and play ice hockey, etc). Then in the early 80's public areas got shut down due to lawsuits from rich parents whose kids broke their arms doing crazy stuff. When it happened to us, we didn't take it out on everybody else, we just learned from our mistakes. There's still a lot of room in Texas...

Palm boy said...

Arrowhead is loud, and that was only preseason.

Illegal for professional fireworks as well? Bummer.

Anon, welcome to the Lone Star State. :D

SolaMeanie said...

No, professional fireworks are the only things allowed. Now tell me, for a kid, what fun is watching a bunch of grownups shooting off fireworks while you're forbidden to even light a ladyfinger firecracker or burn a sparkler. (Well, sparklers are now legal in Illinois, bless their peapickin hearts.)