Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The surge is effective - Even in the MSM

Story: " The new U.S. military strategy in Iraq, unveiled six months ago to little acclaim, is working.

In two weeks of observing the U.S. military on the ground and interviewing commanders, strategists and intelligence officers, it's apparent that the war has entered a new phase in its fifth year.
The U.S. military, partnering in many instances with Iraqi forces, is now creating that security cushion—not everywhere, but in much of the north, the west and most importantly in key areas of Baghdad.

Sectarian killings continue and extremist groups remain a threat, yet they are being squeezed harder. The U.S. military has caught some momentum, thanks to the extra 30,000 troops—for a total of 159,000 on the ground—that Bush agreed to send as part of the new counterinsurgency strategy announced in January. The troops are interacting more with the local people and are protecting them more effectively."

Its working. Out of time, I'm on a different computer, my laptop is broken.
I'll be back later


SolaMeanie said...

Perhaps you could share that timely information with Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and the motley crew of Dem presidential candidates.

But why confuse them with the facts?

Palm boy said...

The Motley Crew? I love the phrase as it applies to the liberal candidates.

Daweed said...

His brother Did not break his laptop.

And the Motley crew Is nice I like it.

Anonymous said...

Share it with the Reids and Pelosi's all you want; they'll still put their fingers in their ears and babble incoherently. Did you hear the story about some Dem Rep. named Boyda who walked out on a briefing from the head General about the successes over there?

These people are just rabid and won't listen to anything positive.


Gino said...

hey palmboy!
you been linked. :)

Palm boy said...

Thank you!

That reminds me, I don't think I've updated my links in months.

Btw, I got my laptop back from surgery yesterday, so I'm back in buisness. At least for today...