Saturday, August 11, 2007

Perspective on Iraq

Approx. number of US murder victims in 2005:
16,500 (cite)

Approx. number of US highway fatalities in 2005:
43, 443 (cite)

Approx. number of US abortions in 2003:
1, 287,000 (cite)

Number of United States Soldiers Killed in Iraq from 2002-2007:
3,683 (cite)


Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Good point.

Gino said...

so we need to stop the war, but keep abortion at the ready.


Palm boy said...

Matt, thanks.

Gino, disgusting indeed.

BTW, I forgot to mention this in the post: I'm away from home on a road trip,(Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City...) and I'm not at all sure when my next internet connection will be.

It should be every few days, but I won't know till I get a wi-fi hotspot.

Kingdom Advancer said...

You can put a lot of things in perspective with abortion, including Iraq, Darfur, and 9/11.

I wrote a post about it, titled "The Politics of Death Quiz":

Guitarman said...

Those are some great numbers you've posted. I keep saying (without knowing for sure) that more people have murdered in either Detroit or L.A. every year than in Iraq.