Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Never Forget


Gino said...

i'd rather forget that which i never personally knew, but everybody else keeps insisting i never forget, ruining my attempts at not remembering that which i do not remember.

Palm boy said...

Ah, why do you not remember?

SolaMeanie said...

I would love to go back in time to the waning days of World War II, and see if there was as much carping about remembering Pearl Harbor.

I think Roosevelt or Truman would have had some of today's clowns (Michael Moore anyone?) tossed in jail.

Palm boy said...

I don't know if there was as much 'remembering', but there were a lot more casualties in the battles to follow to consume their attention.

Gino said...

PB: 9/11 was a television event. it wasnt real. you, nor i, didnt live it. its not a national thing. the media made it national, and then told us all how shocked we were, and told how we will all grieve forever...
like a nation of sissy pants.

3000 citizens made dead at work arent heroes. they are dead. thats it.

i'd rather we spent time memorializing the soldiers, one by one, and on at least as many blogs.
the men of a volunteer army, who died pursuing policy in defense of their nation.
not some floor trader who did nothing but go to work that day.

9/11 was 3000 personal tragedies. nothing national about it.

Palm boy said...

Most people in the nation didn't 'live' pearl harbor, but we defended ourselves from Japan anyways.

I watched the terrorists kill my countrymen, and it wasn't because of the media I was enraged and greiving.

A nation of sissy pants, perhaps. Our response to a war has been far less then courageous, at least in the past few years.

Yes, memorialize the soliders. But do not diminish why they fight.

under_the_mercy said...

A soldier fights and kills when, where, and who he is ordered to.