Saturday, September 22, 2007

The doors are open...

... and to quote King David, The inmates are running the asylum.

Story: "They were celebrating outside the governor's office Friday as Eliot Spitzer handed a landmark victory to a half-million illegal immigrants.

The state will no longer require proof of citizenship for driver's licenses.

The new rules will start to kick in at the end of the year, unless someone finds a way to put a halt to them.

Under the new policy, the Department of Motor Vehicles will accept foreign passports and birth certificates from immigrants as proof of identification. They will no longer need to provide a Social Security card"

I don't get it... why on earth would anyone consider this a good idea?


SolaMeanie said...

If your blood isn't boiling hot enough yet, check this out:

kingdavid said...

I quit trying to figure out the liberal mind long ago. I'd like to walk in their shoes for a day, and try to understand; it's just that I don't for sure if lobotomies are reversible.

Palm boy said...

That is a pretty weasly way to have a campaign.

KD, lol