Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Isreal Sticks it to Syria, Iran

Story: "After days of silence from the Israeli government, American officials confirmed Tuesday that Israeli warplanes launched airstrikes inside Syria last week, the first such attack since 2003.

A Defense Department official said Israeli jets had struck at least one target in northeastern Syria last Thursday, but the official said it was still unclear exactly what the jets hit and the extent of the bombing damage.
Syria has lodged a protest at the United Nations in response to the airstrike, accusing Israel of “flagrant violation” of its airspace. But Israel’s government has repeatedly declined to comment on the matter.

Officials in Washington said that the most likely targets of the raid were weapons caches that Israel’s government believes Iran has been sending the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah through Syria.

Iran and Syria are Hezbollah’s primary benefactors, and American intelligence officials say a steady flow of munitions from Iran runs through Syria and into Lebanon.
In the summer of 2006, during fighting between Israeli and Hezbollah forces, the militant group fired hundreds of missiles into Israel, surprising Israel with the extent and sophistication of its arsenal.

Israel has tried repeatedly to get the United Nations to prevent the arms shipments across the Syria-Lebanon border.

Finally! Some one took action on Iran, if only at a distance. Now we have an explanation for why Syria was firing at Isreali planes, they were being attacked. I have nothing but applause for this move by the Isrealis.


SolaMeanie said...

Amen and double amen.

BTW, did you see the "carpet bombing" link I tried to post in the earlier thread? Great video.

Palm boy said...

I did watch it, and I almost posted it with this story. My brother loved it too.