Saturday, September 01, 2007

Toughts from the Straw Poll

I just came back from the first ever Texas straw poll, and I'm recharged politically.

First of all, Ron Paul may be a fine, upstanding man, but his campaign is one nasty cat of a campaign. It seemed at the beginning like half the place was a Ron Paul supporter, with all the noise, both positive and negative they made.
I support a lot of Ron Paul's stands, but he simply ignores the threat of Islam, and the terrorists within, to the western world.
And, booing when Dick Cheney comes up on screen is simply unacceptable.

Now before I went, I had absolutely no preference for any of the candidates, just anyone besides Rudi, Mitt and John McCain.
Well, I found my new candidate to support.
I'd like ya'll to meed Ray McKinney. His speech was a gigantic breath of fresh air to the status quo, and while I doubt he will win the primary, I am supporting him for President. He's not a politician, just a man disappointed with his country's course.


As for Duncan Hunter, I could be happy with him. Yet, his protectionist agenda rubs me wrong, but I'd take him over the big three easily.


Anonymous said...

Why are you so scared of Islamist ?? Too dudes in a cave in pakistan aren't really a threat. Neither are the backward countries they come from. IF we just back off a little,their own people would get rid of them. The Iranians are their natural enemy, since Al-Queda is Sunni. But we have managed to alienate a good part of the moderate Islamic world with our stupid policies. And why ? Mainly because of 8 million israelis, fewer people than in LA county.

I have know many Iranians who were in the US for school. There is a large number of reasonable Intelligent people who could build a modern society, and with whom we could be friends, if we wouldn't be such a threat to them.

Palm boy said...

Why am I concerned about the Threat islam, and its terrorist branches poses to the West, and more importantly, to the lives of US citizens?

2 guys sitting in a cave in pakistan? How many people do you think were involved in the USS Cole?
It was two men, sitting on a rubber dingy. Sure, there had to have been a support infrastructure there, but it only took two men to kill 17 Americans.

How many do you think were involved in the subway bombings in London several months ago?
Far less then 100.

How about the Virgina tech Shootings?
1 crazed man with a gun and no one around to stop him.

That is why they are a threat, because in our society, our freedoms allow our enemies to opperate freely as well, and they exploit that to our detriment.
The best way to combat that? By taking the war to their backyard.

Sunni-Shiite struggles, whatever. Some of them managed to find time to strike at us. Or has history failed to teach you a lesson?
The '93 bombing of the WTC, the USS Cole, the 9/11 hijackings and subsequent killing of thousands, the mall shootings in Utah, the subway bombings in england, the train bombing in Madrid, and the almost weekly cycle of bombings in Isreal.

Not a threat? I believe you are sadly mistaken, and that it is indeed a threat to the lives of free people.

Anonymous said...

There were over 14,000 people murdered in the US last year and you are worried about Islamists ? You should be more worried about Lightning, not to mention driving your car.

The Islamist thing can be taken care of by dealing fairly with the majority of Muslims who are rational.

SolaMeanie said...


One nuclear bomb can ruin your whole day. That's one reason to be concerned. I'm sorry that several thousand dead in the World Trade Center doesn't seem to be a big deal to you. You also don't seem to be very familiar with geopolitics in the Middle East and Islam, where "the enemy of my enemy is my friend."

I would also be very cautious about throwing Israel to the wolves. God might well have something to say on that score.

Now, to PB..ever consider Mike Huckabee? He seems to be right on many of the issues, although he seemed to be a bit quick on raising some taxes while governor.

Gino said...

as for the 'threat' of islam:

answer this question:
why isnt russia or china worried about terror?
or switzerland?

the USA has plowed this feild, and now reaps the harvest.

SolaMeanie said...

Russia isn't worried about terror? Remember Beslan and Chechnya?

SolaMeanie said...

I think its time for a little history lesson. The "Islamists" overran Europe all the way to Spain until they were stopped by Charles Martel at the Battle of Tours. Under Islam, any land once under the Crescent Moon and is lost MUST be retaken, no matter how long it takes.

Think about that. I personally have no desire to live under Sharia law as a dhimmi class citizen.

Gino said...

russia deals with internal terror.
not from intl jihadists, but from oppressed minority nationalists.

there is no real al quaida threat to russia or china.(which you convenientluy left out, along with switzereland)

SolaMeanie said...

Come on, Gino. You're smarter than that. There is one common denominator. Islam. The Chechens are Muslim. So are the Tatars and other Muslim groups within Russia. I have been to Russia several times and know of what I speak. They are VERY worried about Islamic fundamentalism exploding out of control. And there has been quite an international contingent of involvement within the Chechen conflict. Khattab is a good example.

Anonymous said...

Say, isn't Fred Thompson an actor? I didn't relise they alowed humbugs from Hollywood to run for president. But then Ronald Reagan was an actor, so nevermind.
Spectacled Skeptic

Palm boy said...

14,000 people were murdered, but we've got a police force dealing with that. Likewise, we have a military and intelligence community dealing with terrorism.

We tried dealing with terrorists rationally throughout the Clinton years, only to have islamic terrorists attack us again.

Sola, I seriously liked Huckabee before last week. He seems a little to willing to allow government intrusion on private property, ie a national smoking ban.

Gino: Russia may not be as worried because they are allying themselves with the islamic world, most notably assisting Iran with weapons development.
And China isn't worried because they don't much care for their citizens, and thus the government is not easily affected by terrorism.

Sola, I agree. Shiara law is not what i want either. :D

Hehe. The swiss have everyone's money in banks.
Really, I don't think any one would care to attack the swiss.
If you'll notice though, Spain is not a christian or particularly free nation, but they were bombed by islamic terrorists.

Spectacled, Fred is an actor, and I don't care. My first experiance with him was on Paul Harvey, and he talks a conservative agenda very, very well. Yet, his actions while in the Senate, particuarly on Campaign finance reform, was far less then satisfactory.

under_the_mercy said...

Pardon my asking, but did you really mean to say what you did in your second paragraph?

Palm boy said...

In my post? Yes, I did.

In my last comment, I might have taken a bit of leancy refering to 'negotiating' with terrorists and islamic dictatorships with liberal policies as logical, but we did nothing but talk with them.

Frazzledsister said...

I agree with you about Paul, Palm boy. We heard hime speak here in NE. So far I'm thinking Huckabee sounds fairly good, but I'm really disgusted with all the spineless poltical leaders we have right now!

under_the_mercy said...

Oops, sorry about that, I meant your most recent comment, my bad.

"We tried dealing with terrorists rationally throughout the Clinton years, only to have islamic terrorists attack us again."

Are you suggesting we deal with them irrationally?

Palm boy said...

Frazzled, thanks.
Huckabee I'm still iffy on, because if he can admit a willingness to a nation ban on smoking, thats way more intrusive then necessary.

Under, we are at war with the terrorists. I think dialoge with people planning on killing US citizens is a bit out of place.

SolaMeanie said...


I understand what you mean about the smoking thing. It's funny, I have no love lost for the habit. I used to puff on a pipe (the only smoke smell I like outside of burning leaves or wood smoke) when I was in my 20s, but I gave it up considering every male on my dad's side of the family died of emphysema going back to my grandfather and uncles. However, I don't like the nanny state either (seat belt laws are a major irritant with me).

I think the hypocrisy of politicians on this issue is breathtaking. If they really feel that strongly about tobacco, why don't they just ban it outright? The reason is that they don't have the courage, knowing that they'll lose votes, and some have constituencies made up of tobacco farmers. So they'll just tack on all sorts of hassles to try and ban it de facto.

I still think I like Huckabee more than the others, though. He is a true believer and doesn't just put on the faith act to get votes.

Mercy Now said...

Ignoring the threat of Islam is like saying the weather is great when a hurricane is about to hit; therefore, anyone who is that naive need not be our leader.

Anonymous said...

Ray Mckinney does look rather attractive, especially with Ron Paul's Iraqi pull out deal. However, don't you think that Mckinney is a little naive to believe in getting both Demecrats and Republicans to cooperate with him? After all, too many Democrats are just plain anti-American, and too many Republicans are just plain Democrats.
Also I didn't notice anything either way on Mckinny's site about killing unborn babies, or homeschooling, or debt and budgeting. Maybe I missed it or maybe it should be understood that a Republican would have conservative views on those issues. Maybe I should have called myself suspicious instead of skeptical. :D

S. Skeptic

under_the_mercy said...


Your remark seems unrelated to the question.