Monday, March 30, 2009

Blazing Arogance

doesn't even cover it.

Wall Street Journal: "Mr. Wagoner was asked to step down on Friday by Steven Rattner, the investment banker picked last month by the administration to lead the Treasury Department's auto-industry task force. Mr. Rattner broke the news to Mr. Wagoner in person at his office at the Treasury, according to an administration official. Afterward, Mr. Rattner met one-on-one with Mr. Henderson, who will fill in as GM's CEO."

I'll be back on this.

But friends, remember this. Remember this for a long, long time. Remember this to the ballot box in the coming years, as the democrats are moving farther forward in a fascist agenda.


Solameanie said...

I wrestle with how to label them. Traditionally, I've tarred far-left Dems with the "socialist, Marxist commie" label.

Then I remember that fascist Hitler was a "National Socialist." That seems to be forgotten very often.

Either way, either philosophy is very, very bad for one's health, wealth and longevity.

Oh, did I mention that both were probably spawned in the pits of Hell?

KnightWing said...



That really is insane.

Sra. Madera said...

It is only the beginning of the end of our nation's sability. Money NEVER comes without strings. Everyone who receives money from the government is subject to government intervention (read INTERFERENCE) and/or takeover now. The unions have won as we now have our tax dollars supporting the retirement programs of the UAW as well as the payroll of the corporation. What sick lot. They should have just filed bancruptcy and reorganized themselves but they didn't.

Gino said...

the democrats are only doing what the republicans are too sqeamish to pull off.

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