Tuesday, March 24, 2009

World Baseball Classic

Those of you old timers know I love watching baseball. So this year, I had a blast following the World Baseball Classic, which is essentially the World Cup Soccer for baseball, except the USA team is actually pretty good.

USA was knocked out quite handily in semifinal round.
Last night, Japan continued to win the championship, besting South Korea 5-3 in Los Angeles.

The game was over at 1am after the 10th inning, and it was a spectacular finish. Worthy of the somewhat presumptuous title 'Classic'.

The strangest thing was at the end of the game, when all the Japanese players celebrated in the same fashion as my Cardinals in the World series, with one crucial difference. It was in Japanese, not English (or espanol, this being LA).

Then it struck me... we're all people, the same basic needs, wants and desires. Victory is victory, triumph is triumph, failure is failure, hope is hope, and baseball is baseball. Made me smile and the world was a little brighter in my late night vigil.

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