Thursday, March 19, 2009

President on Leno

So, the band just played a nice mix between Dixie and Hail to the Chief... wow.

EDIT: AIG was just a regular old insurance company???
EDIT: A securitized credit market? Government lending on a large scale???
EDIT: Obama is pluging Plug in hybrids??
EDIT: Obama rolled a 129. Last time I went bowling, i was beat by some pretty blonde girl on crutches.
EDIT: "If you want a friend in washington, get a dog!" (I like it!)


Solameanie said...

I bowled a 199 last night, LOL.

I'm a bit surprised Obama didn't take the stage to jam with the band like Clinton. They could have given him a tambourine to shake.

Palm boy said...

Obama and Garth Brooks... that would have been a pretty funny tandem.