Thursday, June 23, 2011

Harsh Reality of Afganistan

H/t Cato

As my President preens in front of this nation to show his supposed dove feathers, please realize the reality of our troop situation in Afganistan over the past decade.

This stunt is little more then a vulture having the feathers of road kill stuck in its feathers, the true color still remains.

A simple return to the peak of Bush years level of military personnel would extract 65,000 from the theatre. This Obama withdrawal is less then half of that, and it leaves far too many occupational forces for it to be considered a change in US policy. We are not withdrawing, we are setting up yet another nation that will only exist so long as the US, in the name of 'liberty' occupies foreign soil.

Much like the withdrawal from Iraq, this administration has once again made the Oceania of Mr. Orewell's creation proud.


Sra. Madera said...

Maybe the increase in military deployments and fronts was to work as a stimulus for the economy, like WWII. Didn't work this time.

Palm boy said...

A comprehensive refutation of that line of thought, which I think was probably placed here in sarcasm ;)