Sunday, June 26, 2011

Review: Green Lantern

The Trailer should have been the warning I needed. 

Seeing this movie was a strange and disconcerting experience. The strange was that I felt like I had seen it before. The disconcerting part was that I had not seen it before. 
Green Lantern, directed by Martin Campbell, and 'played' by Ryan Reynolds (Of chick flick fame) is little more then an amalgamation of checks on a sub par super-hero movie check list. 

  • Struggling beginnings? Check.
  • Nonsensical new powers? Check.
  • Nonsensical development of a parallel villain? Check.
  • Rapid acceptance of new status quo? Check.
  • Vapid and needless drama with a female? Check.
  • Large battle at the end? Check.
  • Attempt at a moral message? Check.

Wrapped around this entire checklist is a series of events devised by twisted minds to fracture the suspension of disbelief held by all members in the audience. Lines like 'Now, I'm going to take off my pants and fly some planes' have no helpful place. Pretending like the faults of the hero and the villain are both the results of their lousy fathers does nothing to drive a derelict plot onward.

Layer on some pretty imaginative graphics, horrendous screen writing, and frost the cake with world ending alien threats. Now you have Green Lantern, and I will go to my grave struggling to understand how a comic book superhero movie that is early 90's bad came out in 2011.

4/10, with the caveat that it deserves a 3/10, but only because it did not offend me it can struggle to claim it's 4. But I want my 2 hours back. 


Gino said...

now you know why i avoid this genre. to me, they are all like that.

Gino said...

take jenny to see 'the art of getting by'. good flick, and its chick freindly.

Palm boy said...

This was the worst representation of a genre.
I made her watch Hellboy on friday :D

And Super 8 was a really stellar film, review on that upcoming.

Chick friendly, eh? She might enjoy the change.

KnightWing said...

Lol. That poster is photoshopped from an image in Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe.

Palm boy said...

It was a good google image poster find :D