Thursday, June 16, 2011

The New American Dreamism

President's Weekly Address, June 11 2011

Ladies and Gentleman, the New American Dream! No longer is it becoming rich through hard work and good ideas, it is now to be scraping through life one check at a time.

"In the end, the folks I hear from in letters or meet when I travel across the country – they aren’t asking for much. They’re just looking for a job that covers their bills. They’re just looking for a little financial security. They want to know that if they work hard and live within their means, everything will be all right. They’ll be able to get ahead, and give their kids a better life. That’s the dream each of us has for ourselves and our families. And so long as I have the privilege of serving as President, I’ll keep fighting to put that dream within reach for all Americans. Have a great weekend, everybody."

I wish we still had more of the hope and less of this change. A far cry indeed from the City on the Hill Mr. President.


Gino said...

actually, that seems to be the dream of everybody i work with now days.

"i just wanna get by and stop worrying if i'll still have a job next month."

the econ situation has lowered everybody's dream level. sad, huh?

Palm boy said...

I'm going to have to watch for that mindset now. I'm not sure how pervasive it has become, but if it has it is one of the more depressing developments in my lifetime.

Sra. Madera said...

My dream still is to be out of debt and free to travel and do as we please. To enjoy our grandchildren and watch them grow up. (Not right away mind you.) I like the idea of going to community college to get a certificate that qualifies you to work in a factory. Uh? I thought manufacturing wasn't happening in the US anymore. Oh yea, those are union jobs he's talking about. UGH!!!

Palm boy said...

Gino, you may be right about this.