Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Army Meets Recruiting Goal 7th month straight.

Army Meets December Recruiting Goal | "The Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps also exceeded their monthly recruiting goals — which were all two to three times the Army's number. All four military services also met or exceeded their reenlistment goals for the month.

According to the Pentagon, the Army recruited 741 soldiers in December, 6 percent more than its goal. The Navy recruited 2,022, just 1 percent more than its goal; the Air Force recruited 2,209, also 1 percent more than its goal; and the Marine Corps recruited 1,717, 6 percent more than its goal.

Four of the military reserves met or exceeded their recruitment goals. The Navy Reserve and the Air National Guard have been routinely falling short of their targets in recent months."

So while the army has had problems recuiting earlier this year, they appear to have there ducks in a row now.
The Navy, which has been promising to 'accelerate your life' has hit it's targets, the Air force, which has using the strategy of 'Cross into the blue', and the US Marine Corp has been continueing with the tradition of excellence line. These seem to be working wonderfully. Perhaps the 'Army of One' Strategy isn't? I like the 'Be all you can be' one better.

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