Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Obama Backs Clinton's Criticism of GOP

Obama Backs Clinton's Criticism of GOP: "WASHINGTON -- Sen. Barack Obama and other black Democrats are defending Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's description of the House of Representatives as a 'plantation.' First lady Laura Bush says Clinton's remark was 'ridiculous.'

Clinton, D-N.Y., a potential presidential candidate for 2008, did not retreat from the 'plantation' remark, telling reporters the term accurately describes the 'top-down' way the GOP runs Congress.

Obama said Wednesday he felt her choice of words referred to a "consolidation of power" in Washington that squeezes out the voters.

The Illinois senator told CNN's "American Morning" he believed that Clinton was merely expressing concern that special interests play such a large role in writing legislation that "the ordinary voter and even members of Congress who aren't in the majority party don't have much input.""

MY EYE, That is NOT what she meant, and Obama is defending these remarks? Yeah, he is definatly a front runner for president!


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