Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Iran defies UN to break seals at nuclear plant / World / Middle East & Africa - Iran defies UN to break seals at nuclear plant: "Iran on Tuesday precipitated a fresh crisis over its nuclear programme by removing UN seals at a facility in the town of Natanz and announcing that it would begin research involving nuclear enrichment – which can produce weapons grade material.

The move prompted immediate criticism from the US and Iran’s European negotiating partners, placing the country on a collision course with the west after more than two years of fruitless talks between Tehran and the EU.

Iran’s step towards resuming its nuclear activities broke a “red line” that the EU has been insisting on ever since it reached a deal with Iran under which Tehran put the core activities of its nuclear programme on hold pending talks to deepen political and economic ties."

Diplomacy through strength is the only way for diplomacy to work. Even idiotic religious zelots like Tehran would stop and think for a minute if a serious threat was presented to him.

If we continue on this path, we will probably be waging a war in Iran within 5 years.


Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

I think it's time to talk about some air strikes.

Palm boy said...

Yes, and possibly assiniation.