Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Iran training Hamas

Story: ""Hundreds of Hamas men are sent for training in Iran, and not for short trainings of a week or a month, but for long sessions," MP Zvi Hendel told reporters after hearing Shin Beth chief Yuval Diskin brief parliament's influential foreign affairs and defence committee.

According to Diskin, "the training in Iran is of high quality, and lasts several months," Hendel added.

Diskin also said that "an unprecedented quantity of weapons was smuggled into the Gaza Strip during 2006, including 31 tonnes of explosives."

The statements came amid growing calls in Israel to launch a new military operation in the Gaza Strip to counter the reported arming of militant groups and to stem the rocket fire into the Jewish state.

Muslim nazis are at war with Isreal. Of course Iran is training Hamas, and of course Hamas is going to break the peace treaty. What the liberal administration of isreal does not understand about this, I don't know.
The nazis have been, and always will be, liars with the sole focus of destroying freedom.
And most unfortunatly, the strength of this country to fight is wanning, not because our military is weak, but because the resolve of the homeland is crumbling, lead by those on the far left, and now, the majority of the democrat party.

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