Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Brown and W - Mostly the same as Blair and W

Story: "In deference to the U.S.-British relationship, Bush gave Brown the full foreign-leader treatment: a coveted overnight stay at the presidential retreat here, three meals of all-American fare and introductory talks spanning a range of weighty matters.

But building personal rapport was the main theme. The men have been together before, but this was their first official sit-down since Brown took office in Britain a month ago. There was some sign they achieved a connection, with Brown thanking Bush for his compassionate words about the death of a baby daughter four years ago and the two trading jokes about Brown's reputation as a dour Scotsman.
Bush said they met alone over dinner Sunday night for more than two hours, dismissing aides from both countries to the rustic camp's bowling alley (where the British side apparently prevailed).

"You know, he probably wasn't sure what to expect from me," the president said. "I kinda had a sense of the kind of person I was going to be dealing with. I would describe Gordon Brown as a principled man who really wants to get something done."

On the battle against terror, in particular, the men said there is no daylight between their views.

"We know we are in a common struggle and we know we have to work together, and we know we've got to use all means to deal with it," Brown said. "We are at one in fighting the battle against terrorism."

Bush congratulated the prime minister on his response when his country was hit with terror threats and catastrophic flooding immediately after he took office. "You've proved your worthiness as a leader."

"He gets it," the president said of his new partner."

This is a good sign. The traditional alliance of the United States and the United Kingdom, according to these indications, will carry on. And even with an early withdrawal of British troops from Iraq, I have nothing but graditude for the services they have rendered the world in this matter.


SolaMeanie said...

Yep. I agree.

I'm going to email you a new analysis from Stratfor Intelligence I just received. Spot on, I think.

Palm boy said...

Good stuff, thanks.