Saturday, July 14, 2007

How Paranoid Little Napoleons Took Over America

Times: "...There’s a tragicomic irony here, if you’ve the appetite for it. A central tenet of neoconservatism has always been that promoting democracy around the world is not only morally right, but also in the long-term interest of peace and stability. Democracies, as a rule, don’t go to war with each other. Their leaders are accountable to their people and people, as a rule, don’t like to see their sons and daughters go off to fight in a foreign country. There may be no better proof of that proposition than the increasingly desperate pleas for peace from Americans today..."

A sharply written column by Gered Baker, and he hits the Iraq war squarely on the head.
Not so accurate on the Immigration side of things, but his outsider perspective of the US political situation is interesting.

Hat Tip to the Cult of Christ.


Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

It is a good article. I think he made sense on the immigration issue, but you no doubt know more about it than me.

Palm boy said...

Well, I think refering to people who hold my position on immigration as 'thinly disguised racsists' doesn't endear me to him on this issue.